Dartmouth's Great War Fallen
Researching the Dartmouth men who died in the First World War

The Fallen

There is an entry on our database for every person commemorated on this website.

Beneath the current main menu item, you have several options for finding out more: 

If you click on "Roll of Honour", you will be presented with summary information about every individual recorded on our database.  Click on a column heading to sort by that column (for example, to find all those in the same military unit). You can also limit the entries displayed by entering a simple search term in the "Filter" box.  Click on an individual's surname to see:

  • all the basic facts about this individual recorded on our database (e.g. full name, date of death, age at death, cause of death, military unit and on which memorials the man is commemorated)
  • his story, if it has already been published on our website

If you click on "Quick Search", you can perform a simple search of the whole database of individuals, including the individual stories we have published.

If you click on "Refined Search", you can perform a sophisticated search of the database of individuals in which you control exactly which fields are searched for a given search term, and you can limit your search to men who died between "date A" and "date B" (for example).

If you click on "Individual Stories" you can see the list of those individuals whose stories we have published so far. Click on an individual's name to see his story.